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Frequently Asked Golf Questions

When is a good time to practice?

Research has shown that frequent, short practice sessions are more productive that one prolonged period of equal time.

What are some practice session tips?

Make it competitive.
Set goals for yourself.
Practice as you would play.
Practice to a target.

What should I bring?

Water, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, visor or hat, suntan lotion, and an umbrella (if it looks like rain is likely)

What clubs (irons, woods) should I get?

If you're going to take the game at all seriously and spend good money on golf clubs it is important that you are properly fitted by a reputable golf professional or clubmaker with fitting expertise. It is also important you like the look and feel of your equipment. Talk to Richard Skinner, PGA Professional.

Why does a golf ball have dimples?

The primary function of dimples is to provide lift. As the ball spins off the club, the tiny cups trap air in such a way that the air moves more quickly over the top of the ball than around the bottom, causing the ball to rise. This aerodynamic principle is the same as the one that caused airplanes to lift off the ground.

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